Traffic Signal Installation & Maintenance

Traffic Signal Installation

Cobra Electric maintains a large inventory of traffic signal hardware which allows us to quickly respond to our customer’s needs on even the most challenging of project timelines. Our electricians are fully trained in the programming, commissioning and troubleshooting of traffic signal control devices and can manage the start-up of a new signal without the assistance of the manufacturer. We are also experienced in the installation and integration of external communications including pre-emption, radio and fiber optic hard-wired systems.

Traffic Signal Maintenance

Cobra Electric leads the way in the maintenance of traffic signal systems. Our employees are well trained in the operation and troubleshooting of many traffic controller units and cabinet architectures. Cobra Electric is able to implement our customer’s preventive maintenance schedule and maintenance check sheets or aid in their development if needed. Through our Quality Management System we are able to provide maintenance audit and inspection services to give our customer’s peace of mind that their traffic signals are being maintained the way they want.

traffic signal installation and maintenance

Traffic Signal Service Contracts

Cobra Electric currently provides traffic signal maintenance services for over 28 municipalities and the provincial government. Our comprehensive maintenance activities include:

  • Annual testing of signal monitoring units
  • Signal hardware inspection and cleaning
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) testing

Value Added Services

  • Accident response and electrical repairs
  • Conflict & malfunction monitor unit testing
  • Customer signal asset acquisition, tracking, and documentation
  • Installation and maintenance of communications equipment
  • Installation of traffic detection loops
  • Installations of electronic movement restriction signs
  • New controller unit installations
  • Road sign installations
  • Signal pole and display installations and modifications
  • Signal timing revisions
  • Temporary one-way bridge signals
  • Traffic controller cabinet builds and installation

We have electricians ready 24/7 to immediately respond to any traffic signal emergency.