Traffic Monitoring & Classification

Cobra Electric can install, maintain and collect data from traffic monitoring, counting, and classification systems.

Traffic Counting

Traffic data is used in planning future road development and in the timing and coordination of traffic signals. Cobra Electric can install, maintain and collect data from traffic counting and classification stations. We are experienced with pneumatic hose, inductive loop, video and radar-based vehicle detection stations.

Traffic Monitoring

Cobra also installs and maintains many traffic monitoring systems on fiber optic and cellular modem based networks so our customers can remotely check, program or collect data from the comfort of their desk. These systems use inductive loop, video, radar and Bluetooth network detection technologies to monitor traffic congestion, volume and travel times.

Traffic Loops & Counting


Recent traffic monitoring and classification projects include:

  • Installation and maintenance of Bluetooth network detectors for the Hwy 99/91 ATIS and Fraser River Crossing ATIS systems
  • Installation and maintenance of radar-based vehicle sensors on the Port Mann Bridge – Hwy 1 ATIS system
  • Ongoing maintenance of the Province’s permanent and short count stations

Value Added Services

  • Permanent count station repair and maintenance
  • Radar and video detection system installation and maintenance
  • Retrieval and analysis of traffic data
  • Traffic signal and counting loop installation

We have resources readily available to deliver a traffic monitoring solution for your project. Please contact our Project Coordinator for more details.