Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Advanced Traveller Information Systems (ITS)

Cobra Electric maintains Advanced Traveller Information systems (ATIS). ATIS systems integrate traffic sensors distributed across the Lower Mainland and display estimated delay times by route so drivers may choose their best path. These systems integrate:

  • RAdvanced Traffic Controllers
  • RBluetooth and inductive loop-based vehicle detection stations
  • RCameras
  • RCellular and fiber networks
  • RElectronic Message Signs
  • RRadar Vehicle Sensing Devices (RVSD)
  • RTrain Detection Sensors
  • RWeather Detection Sensors

CCTV & Web Cameras

Cobra Electric installs and maintains many remote web cameras throughout the B.C. Lower Mainland. The images from hundreds of these cameras can be found on the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Drive BC website.

Cobra’s electronic technicians are capable in the repair, setup and testing of most roadside electronic equipment including camera systems.

With this experience in installing and maintaining camera systems along B.C.’s highways we are confident we can help you with your camera installation and maintenance needs.

CCTV Security Cameras


Cobra Electric maintains the following ITS systems:

  • Cassiar Tunnel & Lions Gate Bridge Local Operations Centres
  • Fraser River Crossing ATIS
  • Hwy 1 VSLS
  • Hwy 3 VSLS
  • Hwy 91/99 ATIS
  • Hwy 99/15/13/11 Border Crossing ATIS
  • Langley Rail Crossing ATIS
  • Lions Gate Bridge ATIS
  • Port Mann Bridge – Hwy 1 ATIS
  • Sea to Sky VSLS

Value Added Services

Cobra Electric provides install & maintenance services for:

  • Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS)
  • Adverse weather condition signs
  • Bridge electrical systems
  • CCTV and web-based cameras
  • Chain up signs (AC and solar powered)
  • Changeable message signs
  • Electronic information signs
  • Inductive loop, video and radar-based Vehicle Detectors and Classifiers
  • Tunnel Lighting Systems
  • Variable Speed Limit Systems (VSLS)

Variable Speed Limit Systems (VSLS)

Cobra Electric maintains VSLS systems at several locations in the Lower Mainland. These systems integrate data from traffic and weather detection sensors. Adjusted speed limits are then displayed on electronic signs based on road conditions.

We have resources readily available to deliver a wide range of ITS solutions for your project. Please contact our Project Coordinator for more details.