Other Electrical Maintenance Services

Electronic Message Signs | Digital Signage

Cobra Electric is experienced in the installation and maintenance of Addco LED message signs on British Columbia highways. We can install and maintain complete sign systems including poles, cabinets, sign modules, control components and telemetry.

Traffic Loops

Cobra Electric can accommodate all of your loop cutting and installation needs. Whether you need circular loops for vehicle detection at a traffic signal or rectangular loops for traffic counting and classification, our fully trained crews have the right equipment to get it done. All loop installations are completed with quality in mind to ensure a long lifetime of operation. Cobra Electric is concerned about the environment and our crews take action to ensure loop cutting byproducts do not enter sensitive ecosystems.

Electrical Services

Pole Painting

Cobra Electric has been providing quality painting services to Lower Mainland municipalities for for many years. Our trained painting crews clean the poles, remove surface rust and dig around the pole base where necessary to ensure the pole is fully painted and protected from the elements.

Traffic Signal & Street Lighting Parts

Cobra Electric can provide you with the traffic signal and street lighting components you need to complete your job. Our warehouse is fully stocked with traffic signal and street lighting related hardware. Anything that we don’t have can be quickly ordered through our suppliers at minimum cost.

Parking Lot Lighting & EV Charging Stations

Cobra Electric can help you with all your Parking Lot lighting needs. We can repair your existing lighting or convert it to a more efficient LED lighting technology solution. We can also service and maintain your lighting to ensure illumination levels are maintained and repairs are responded to and completed within performance specifications. With our extensive experience in street, parking lot and park lighting you can rely on us to get the job done. Cobra Electric is also experienced in the maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations as part of a parking lot lighting upgrade project.

We also offer:

  • NCustomer asset acquisition, tracking, and documentation process tailored to provide a documented maintenance experience for our clients.
  • NDriver feedback signs
  • NElectrical engineering services including: design, review, specification and CAD work.
  • NEV Station Maintenance & Design
  • NHigh mast lighting repairs and maintenance
  • NIlluminated pedestrian and special crosswalk repairs and maintenance
  • NMaintaining and updating client Master Inventory records
  • NOpen/closed signs repairs and maintenance
  • NOver height detection systems
  • NReplacing or upgrading aging inventory
  • NRest area Wi‐Fi power
  • NSolar powered equipment
  • NTemporary one-way bridge signals equipment storage, setup, and maintenance
  • NTraffic control equipment disposal
  • NTraffic signal corrective repairs, maintenance and timing changes
  • NTunnel Lighting Systems
  • NUPS equipment repairs and maintenance
  • NWeigh scale electrical maintenance

Pole Banners & Christmas Lighting

Through years of experience hanging banners from street light poles, Cobra Electric can provide all mounting hardware for a turn-key banner installation solution. We also have long standing partnership with many municipal customers to perform the installation of pole mounted decorations and lighting for local events and the Christmas holiday season.

pole banners christmas lighting

We have resources readily available to deliver power and electrical solutions for your project. Please contact our Project Coordinator for more details.