Cone Zone Road Safety Campaign

Cobra Electric is a visible supporter of the annual “Cone Zone BC” campaign, a road safety initiative that encourages drivers to take care when driving near roadside workers. The campaign educates drivers about roadside workspaces and what they can do to reduce the risk to both worker and driver – reduce their speed, avoid driver distraction, and respect the roadside as a workplace when driving through the “Cone Zone.”

Behind every cone is a worker at risk. Every day thousands of workers in British Columbia work in the “Cone Zone”, a high-risk environment in close proximity to traffic. Municipal workers, landscapers, flag people, tow-truck drivers, road construction and road maintenance workers, telecommunications and utility workers, and emergency and enforcement personnel all work in the “Cone Zone.”

Three Simple Acts Can Save a Worker’s Life.

Every day thousands of workers in British Columbia are depending on drivers to keep control of their vehicle in a Cone Zone.

Here’s what they want you to do:

  1. Slow down and drive with extreme care near a Cone Zone.
  2. Stay alert and minimize distractions. If you are using a hands-free device, end your call immediately.
  3. Show respect for the person working at the side of the road. Make sure to give them space (move over to another lane, if it’s safe to do so) and follow their signs and directions.